The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health PSA


Healthy Women, Healthy Children PSA

Video Transcript:
Having a baby is a joyous time for women and families. But will this woman survive her pregnancy? Will this baby survive his first month? Will this child survive to the age of five?

Hundreds of thousands of women still die during pregnancy and childbirth every year, and more than 8 million babies and children are lost every single year from preventable causes. That’s a woman a minute… a child every 4 seconds. But with today’s low-cost medicines and modern medical care even the poorest woman can give birth safely and raise healthy children.

If every woman is supported in her decision whether to become pregnant, if she receives the care she needs during pregnancy, childbirth and the critical days after birth, if children receive simple treatment for illnesses, millions of lives will be saved. We know what to do, find out what you can do…

Every pregnancy wanted, every birth safe, every newborn and child healthy.

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