Fighting Terrorism for Humanity PSA


Terrorism PSA

Video Transcript:
Terrorism has been with us since the beginning of civilization taking dozens of forms and affecting millions of lives every year. Terrorism today effects nearly every person in almost every country in the world. It exists in cities and small towns. Its leaders are masterminds of hate their followers are willing to kill to communicate their convictions. Strong multilateral efforts to contain Terrorism must be continued. To much is it at risk for the whole world not to work together. No war against terrorism can be complete without understanding terrorism’s root causes. Norway well soon convene high-level conference to help put an end to terrorism. In New York, September 22, heads of state will join academics and victims to address today’s greatest threat to global peace and security. Norway’s “Fighting Terrorism for Humanity” conference aims at making the world a more secure place because only by understanding terrorism can we fight it effectively.

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