5th World Water Forum


Sample PSA for 5th World Water Forum

I am Water PSA

Video Transcript:
Some days you love me. Want me. Need me. I am the one that brings you flowers, cools the summer sun, produces food and energy. I quench your thirst and cleanse your body. Yet there are days you fear me, hate me. I am your tears. You noticed me when I am scarce. I am your life’s blood. Your sustenance. Our world depends on me. I am water. There there’s more demand for water than ever before. Yet our water resources are mismanaged and becoming more polluted. How will we get safe drinking water to the world? How can we produce enough food as our population and economies grow? In March 2009, the 5th World Water Forum is bringing the world together in Istanbul to solve our water crisis. Everyone can help. Discover how care for water is care for you. Get involved.


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