Media Analysis

Our media analysis products are driven by our belief that every client deserves a clear picture of how their issues are being portrayed in the international media.

H&H conducts quantitative and qualitative content analyses of international press coverage generated by an event or an individual story. The media analysis reports we produce provide meaningful statistical data representing the scope, direction and magnitude of media coverage of clients’ issues in a flexible, graphic format.

The analysis is a perfect media barometer. It helps our clients learn which of their important issues are receiving favorable coverage. It also helps our clients identify publications and individual journalists that have taken a particular interest in their issues, as well as those publications and journalists that may have a more critical attitude toward the clients’ contribution made towards making a difference.

Sample Media Analysis Reports

  • 3rd World Water Forum
    Download Report (PDF 404k)
  • GlaxoSmithKline
    Download Report (PDF 956K)