Conferences and Events

H&H is considered a major force in public relations at international conferences.

We work with a client before, during and after the event to ensure:

  1. Continuity of a client’s message.
  2. Maximum attendance of participants and the press.
  3. Maximum quality media coverage worldwide.
  4. Smooth technical operations during the event.
  5. Getting a client’s issue on global agenda and keeping it there.

From intensive pre-event media campaigns to pitching top journalists to organizing well-attended press briefings and one-on-one media interviews to recommending future course of action to the client — H&H delivers it all. We are a highly versatile, extremely organized and well-versed firm in all communications elements of a successful meeting that yields real results.

Some conferences worked by H&H

World Health Organization

Hosted by the Government of Mexico and World Health Organization (WHO), the Ministerial Summit on Health Research brought together delegations from 45 nations including Ministers of Health from more than 30 nations as well as representatives of research institutions, academia, non-governmental organizations, pharmaceutical companies and various key stakeholders in health/medical research. H&H managed all aspects of the media relations program for the Summit, including: a. designing and distributing media invitations b. creating and managing online media registration process c. handling international media accreditation onsite d. securing numerous press interviews with Mexican Minister of Health Dr. Julio Frenk, WHO Assistant Director General Dr. Tim Evans and WHO Director Dr. Tikki Pang e. working with media to generate maximum media coverage of the Summit’s topics. As the result, hundreds of stories were published and broadcast giving the Summit and its goals excellent exposure and reaching about 400 million readers, radio listeners and TV viewers.

Fighting Terrorism for Humanity

The Norwegian Government asked for H&H’s assistance in raising global awareness and organizing media attendance of the “Fighting Terrorism for Humanity”; Conference. A total of 22 heads of state attended the conference, including Jacques Chirac, Jean Chretian, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, Hamid Karzai and Silvio Berlusconi. The media results were outstanding, including APTN broadcasting the entire conference live to its 600 member TV networks. H&H, working with the Norwegian UN mission, attracted top journalists to the conference, which earned widespread coverage on American television, radio and print, as well as extensive international coverage.

3rd World Water Forum

H&H culminated nearly three years of intensive work with the Japanese Government and the World Water Council (WWC) by overseeing all media relations at the 3rd World Water Forum in Kyoto, Japan. Some 8,000 attendees and 500 journalists were expected. With the help of the long-term public relations plan devised and executed by H&H more than 24,000 delegates attended the conference and more than 1,200 journalists covered the Forum, of which many came from overseas. More than 10,000 stories were generated worldwide. The leaders of the G8 countries, who met in France in May of 2003, specifically mentioned the results of the 3rd WWF as highlighting the need to place global water issues high on their international agenda.

State of the World Forum

H&H coordinated media coverage for State of the World Forum 2000, a week-long international conference held in New York City aimed at increasing understanding among globalization’s disparate stakeholders. This historic event attracted more than 2000 global leaders from government, business and civil society. Key speakers included Mikhail Gorbachev, Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan, Jane Goodall, John Whitehead (Former Chair, Goldman Sachs), Koichiro Matuura (Director General, UNESCO), Deepak Chopra and many more from the corporate finance, trade union, civic, religious, scientific and academic communities. Unlike preceding international meetings in Seattle, Davos and Washington, D.C.– where dissenting views were heard only on the streets — we at H&H were committed to make Forum 2000 a unique opportunity for journalists to interview some of the world’s leading thinkers and to generate quality media coverage that can be discussed around the world.

2nd World Water Forum

As the result of H&H’s year-long partnership with The World Bank, The World Commission on Water for the 21st Century and The Dutch Government, The Second World Water Forum and Ministerial Conference took place March 17-23, 2000 in The Hague, Netherlands. As media consultants for the Conference, H&H had successfully brought in more than 500 international media organizations, including news agencies, TV, radio and print. H&H arranged daily press briefings and one-on-one interviews with Commission members, State Ministers, NGOs and various other stakeholders. The Conference was broadcast via satellite and has generated over 2,400 print stories, broad international TV and radio coverage.