New Joint Logo for the World Water Council and the 3rd World Water Forum Announced


Released in Stockholm, London and Washington, D.C.

Stockholm, Sweden — A global design contest to come up with the new logo of the World Water Council (WWC), which will at the same time be the official logo of the 3rd World Water Forum, brought in over 2,000 entries from 70 countries via a unique internet, TV and mail campaign, producing a winner from Japan who based her entry on drops of water, which are linked together and expresses the desire for the world to be filled with the benefits of water forever.

“The World Water Council has come a long way since its first World Water Forum held in 1997, just one year after its official establishment. It is wonderful for the WWC to receive a new logo that will better reflect its dynamic image,” says William Cosgrove, Co-Vice-President of the World Water Council.

“This contest has been run along the same seeking-all-voices method of the 3rd World Water Forum, which will meet in Kyoto, Japan in March of 2003,” says Kenzo Hiroki, Vice Secretary General of the Secretariat of the 3rd World Water Forum. “We wanted to get the word out about this contest to talented people from all levels of society.”

The contest winner, Ms. Hiroko Fukumori, 19-year-old student of Akita Municipal Junior College of Arts and Crafts in Yamanashi, Japan, was announced on August 14, at the Stockholm Water Symposium, one of the key conferences of water experts leading up to the 3rd World Water Forum. The artist will be given international recognition, as this new logo will not only become the WWC logo but also the main emblem over the next 18 months of preparation for the Forum. Ms. Fukumori will also receive a $10,000 award for her winning effort.

“I am so delighted by the news that my design was selected as the winner of the contest,” said when she learned of the award. “I will be greatly honored if all the people who see this design could see and feel the nature and the value of water in them.”

The Forum produced a TV public service announcement that described the contest and called for entries, which was broadcast to 212 countries. The Forum also conducted an advertising campaign on the Internet. In addition, offices of the United Nations Development Programme mounted posters about the contest in its offices around the world. The Forum also mailed out announcements and a full-color poster on the contest to 1,700 art schools around the world.

The World Water Forum is the main event of the World Water Council, and is sponsored every three years by a different host country. The 3rd World Water Forum will highlight actions being taken to implement solutions to global water problems. Some 6,000 government officials, representatives of international organizations such as the World Bank and World Health Organization, along with water experts, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the media are expected to attend.

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