Water Voice Messenger Project/3rd World Water Forum


The following is an example of a unique outreach project that yielded active worldwide participation as a result of a carefully structured H&H media campaign.

The Water Voice Messenger project was designed by the 3rd World Water Forum. The idea was for volunteers — students, engineers, community leaders, ANYONE concerned with water crisis — to collect suggestions and ideas on a wide variety of water related topics. Collected opinions were to be sent to the 3rd WWF, made available on its website and later used at discussions aimed at solving water problems around the world.

The challenge was to make people aware of the project and to encourage broad participation.

H&H used several media vehicles to accomplish the goal. An H&H produced Public Service Announcement was placed on CNN International and was airing on average six times a day in 212 countries and territories. H&H also wrote a press release and distributed it to media worldwide to be used in national and local publications, as well as by TV and radio networks and stations. Working with Lycos, H&H designed an Internet banner in five languages (English, Spanish, German, French and Japanese) and placed it on web. In addition, H&H worked with UNESCO to target major academic institutions to raise awareness among students, who were identified as likely participants in this project. H&H also distributed Water Voice Messenger brochures (containing a description and rules of the project) through a wide network of environmental NGOs.

As the result, the Water Voice Messenger website received many thousands of opinions — “voices” from people from all walks of life, hundreds of geographical locations and different occupations — united by a common concern about the future of water in the world. The most active “messengers” were invited to share their experience at the Forum in Kyoto.

Press Release Lead:

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… In a unique program of global democracy called Water Voice Messenger, volunteers around the world are gathering opinions on water problems and solutions from any citizens who lack access to water, all of which will be sent via the Internet, fax or mail to the 3rd World Water Forum.

“The Water Voice Messenger program gives people all over the world the opportunity to have a direct impact on upcoming global decisions on local, national and international water issues,” says Hideaki Oda, Secretary General of the 3rd World Water Forum, to be held in Kyoto, Japan, March, 2003… [/sws_white_box]

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